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We’re founded by building energy geeks, and we're creating a market-transforming solution to accelerate building decarbonization in large cities. As a public benefit corporation, we put profit and our climate action/climate justice mission on equal footing. Though we already have a 3-year runway from an anchor client and an early investor, we'll be seeking additional investment soon because in climate action, spee...


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  • Respect & Renewal

    We recognize people as people, not just as workers. When we have conflicts or failures, we adopt restorative practices in working through them. We do not dehumanize or devalue people by thinking of anyone as "enemies."

  • Efficacy & Efficiency

    We make products that work. We are results-oriented, not effort-oriented, in management practices. We "don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good."

  • Authenticity & Rigor

    We will try to get to the truth of things, basically by applying the scientific method. We will act with integrity in dealing with everybody.

  • Inclusion & Collaboration

    Recognizing that we each bring societal and personally engrained habits of power that undermine inclusion, we foster practices that consciously achieve inclusion. We remember that we are one team, so that we can be host to healthy conflict.

  • Transparency

    In interpersonal communication, we do all we can to be understood by the person we're communicating with by adjusting to how the other person hears rather than assuming they will listen differently. We default to - communicating in the open - keeping things simple whenever possible - work practices that make it easy for others to understand what decisions were made and why In the industry and the wider world, we promote information and data sharing, open processes, and transparent governance.

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Miguel Garrido
Data Engineer
Robin Neri
Mechanical Engineer
Chuck Lin
Sr. Full Stack Engineer
Barnett Cleary
Mechanical Engineer
Jason Block
Principal Mechanical Engineer
Bomee Jung
Co-Chief Cook and Bottle Washer
Thurston Yates
Creative Lead
Future Hire
Culture & Growth Advocate
Hannah Wolfe
Client Advocate
Gabriella Santoro
Qualitative Researcher
Demetria Wambia
Content Writer
Meghan Cowart
Tech Lead
Kristin Kreuder
Legal Advisor
Erika Ramirez Parkins
Investor Relations Lead
Alaina Boyle
Qualitative Researcher
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    7 members

  • Legal & Operations

    6 members

  • Application & Data Engineering

    3 members

  • Building Science

    4 members

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