eXp World Holdings


eXp Realty is one of the fastest growing real estate brands in North America, with thousands of agents operating across the United States and Canada. We believe that agents should have a choice in how and where they work, and that real ownership is the best motivator.





Glenn Sanford
Founder & CEO

Glenn Sanford

Leo Paraja
CEO, eXp Realty
Ryan Tupy
Chief Revenue Officer (cro)
Courtney Chakarun
Chief Marketing Officer
Bryon Ellington
Chief Learning Officer
Jeff Whiteside
CFO, Chief Collaboration Officer, eXp World Holdings
Kent Cheng
Chief Accounting Officer, eXp World Holdings
Shoeb Ansari
CIO, eXp World Holdings
Keng Cheng
Chief Accounting Officer, eXp World Holdings
James Bramble
Chief Counsel & Corporate Secretary, eXp World Holdings
Alex Howland
President, eXp World Technologies
Michael Valdes
President, eXp Global
Paul Hildebran
Senior IT Administrator
Eyad Douglas
Vice President Operations
Meghan Kelley
Vice President Of Global Operations
Sunny Kashyap
Broker/ Owner