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Org chart

Arthur Levinson
Founder & CEO
Jonathan W. Lewis
Chief Business Officer
Cynthia Kenyon
Vice President, Aging Research
John Whiting
Chief Financial Officer
Jessica Wilan
Head of Human Resources
Robert L. Cohen
Calico Fellow
Aarif Khakoo
Head of Drug Development
Ellie Karlsson
Associate Director, LAR
Andrew York
Principal Investigator and Head of Microscopy
Bryson Bennett
Principal Investigator and Head of Mass Spectrometry
Dan Eaton
Senior Principal Investigator and Head of Biochemistry
Eugene Melamud
Principal Investigator
Margaret Roy
Head of Genomic Sequencing
Suzan Sezgen
Assistant to the Head of Research
Carmela Sidrauski
Interim Head of Research
Ben Passarelli
Sr Director, Information Technology
Charlie Ledogar
Director, Software Engineering
Jun Xu
Principal Data Scientist
Sean Hackett
Principal Data Scientist/Data Science Manager
Vladimir Jojic
Principal Data Scientist/Computing Manager

Board & Advisors

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