Jeremy Sikkens

Growth Manager at

Jeremy Sikkens is the current Growth Manager at Prior to this, they were with Hamilton Growth, Hogersensitief, and, where they served as Head of Growth. Jeremy has also been with Bijles Aan Huis, where they were responsible for establishing vision & strategy, objectives & key results (OKR's) & growth cards, team & ownerships, and workflow & feedback loops.

Jeremy Sikkens has a bachelor's degree in economics from Hogeschool Utrecht and is certified as a growth lead from Hamilton Growth and as a StoryBrand certified guide from StoryBrand Nederland.

They are on a team with Angelica Alegro - Customer Success, Roman Savchuk - UX Designer, and Harry Newell-Wise - Growth Manager. Jeremy Sikkens reports to Misha Yurchenko, Founder.


  • Growth Manager

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