Chesapeake Bay Foundation

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The Chesapeake Bay Foundation (CBF) fights for bold and creative solutions to the pollution that plagues the Bay and its tributaries. Across the six-state Chesapeake watershed, CBF sets the agenda, serves as a watchdog, and speaks out on behalf of the Chesapeake Bay to business, government, and the... Read more





Hilary Harp Falk

Katharene Poston Snavely
Chief Development Officer
Tom Ackerman
VP, Environmental Education
Willy Agee
VP, Administration
Rob Beach
VP, Communications
Alison Prost
VP, Environmental Protection & Restoration
Carmera Thomas-Wilhite
VP, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Justice
Paul Smail
VP, Litigation & General Counsel
Allison Colden
Maryland Executive Director
Julia Krall
Pennsylvania Executive Director
Keisha Sedlacek
Federal Director
Christy Everett
Interim Acting Virginia Director