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Org chart

Michelle Haber Am
Executive Director 
Elaine Neeson
Chief Information Officer
Murray Norris
Deputy Director
Maria Kavallaris Am
Head of Research Engagement, Head of Theme & Group Leader
Mark Bizeray
Head of Business Transformation
Anne Johnston
Chief Marketing & Fundraising Officer
Peter Wejbora
Head of Research Development & Partnerships, Company Secretary
Jessica Henry
Head of Risk & Governance
Lorraine Wallis
Head of Finance
Kate Sellick
Head of People & Culture
Glenn Marshall
Head of Translational Research
Greg Arndt
Head of Drug Discovery
Richard Lock
Head of Theme, Group Leader
Paul Ekert
Group Leader & Theme Co-Director
Michelle Henderson
Research Manager, Senior Scientist
Rosemary Sutton
Group Leader
Tao Liu
Group Leader
Jenny Wang
Group Leader
David Ziegler
Group Leader & Clinical Research Fellow
Mark Cowley
Group Leader
Vanessa Tyrrell
Program Leader
Jamie Fletcher
Principal Scientist
Tracey O’brien
Clinical Research Fellow & Director
Belamy Cheung
Principal Scientist & Program Manager
Daniel Carter
Project Leader
Angelica Merlot
Project Leader
Joshua McCarroll
Team Leader
Charley De Bock
Team Leader
Orazio Vittorio
Team Leader
Mark Pinese
Team Leader
Maria Tsoli
Senior Scientist & Levi Wheeler Fellow
Emmy Fleuren
Senior Scientist
Emmy Dolman
Senior Scientist
Benjamin Rayner
Senior Scientist

Board & Advisors

Edwina Jones
Bart Vogel
Simon Lewis

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