Shapor Naghibzadeh

Co-Founder at Chronicle Security

Shapor Naghibzadeh has a diverse work experience in the field of cybersecurity and software engineering. Shapor started their career at the University of Illinois at Chicago as a consultant, assisting with troubleshooting and support for internet access. After that, they worked at the Liang Bioinformatics Research Lab, where they developed a server for analyzing protein surface topography.

From there, Shapor joined as a system administrator and manager, overseeing the growth of the web and email hosting business. Shapor was responsible for security audits, patching vulnerabilities, and mitigating large-scale denial of service attacks.

In 2005, Shapor moved to Hostway Corporation, where they served as a systems engineer. Shapor led a team in building an email hosting system and implemented custom software solutions to optimize performance and scale efficiently.

In 2006, Shapor joined Google as a site reliability engineer, leading the DNS team and implementing a packet-capture-based DNS monitoring system. Shapor also worked on kernel development and integration of a highly available file server.

At Google, they became a founding member of the Threat Analysis Group, designing and building systems for identifying and disrupting targeted attacks. Shapor contributed to the development of Google's malware sample repository and played a crucial role in enhancing the team's mission.

During their time at X, the moonshot factory, Shapor co-founded "Project Lantern" and focused on learning about cybersecurity outside of Google. Shapor crafted the initial pitch for building a cybersecurity company within X, leveraging the technical work of the Google security team and Virustotal business.

In 2016, Shapor became a co-founder of Chronicle, an independent company within Alphabet. Shapor played a vital role in launching and growing Chronicle, dedicated to helping companies find and stop cyber attacks. Shapor worked closely with the security industry to provide a competitive advantage in fighting cybercrime.

Lastly, Shapor joined Google in 2019 as the Chronicle AI Lead, leading the development of artificial intelligence capabilities for Chronicle. Prior to that, they held roles as an Engineering Lead and Product Management Lead for the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Chronicle team.

Overall, Shapor Naghibzadeh's work experience spans various roles and responsibilities in cybersecurity, software engineering, and leadership positions in both startup and corporate environments.

Shapor Naghibzadeh completed the Product Management Program at the University of California, Berkeley, Haas School of Business in 2018. Prior to that, they obtained a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Illinois Chicago, which they completed from 1998 to 2001.



  • Co-Founder

    February, 2016 - present

  • Product Lead (Backstory)

    January, 2017

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