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Org chart

Kevin Coop

Jared Dematteis
Chief Legal & Strategy Officer
Gino Palozzi
Chief Marketing Officer
Jon Lowe
Chief People Officer
Gary Pearcy
VP, Payment Operations
Bill Gartland
VP, Strategic Accounts
Kurt Freytag
VP, Consumer Products
Lars Wiedenhoefer
Product Performance Intelligence & Analytics
Todd Goodale
Senior Creative Director
Matthew Singer
Vice President, Product
Gabriella Lourie
Senior Manager, Communications
Dana Liebowitz
Group Product Manager
Michael Wang
Group Product Manager
Shona Isbister
Senior Content Developer
Thomas McClean
Staff Product Designer
Angela Yang
Ux/ui Designer (contractor)
Jane Levine
Senior Consultant
Jakgrid Lerdgidkjon
Vice President Of Business Development And Partnerships
Busisiwe Merritt
Head of Customer Success Training
Agne Vilkaitis
Director of Customer Operations
Brittany Leventhal
Director of Customer Experience
Danielle Simon
Director of Customer Success
Maria Braune
Director of Client Advocacy
Nitzan Hillel
Director of Client Support
Valerie McCarthy
Director of Customer Success
Joy Solano
Strategic Client Success Leader
Pearse Lenz
Product Marketing Manager
Tyler Langley Stafford
Product Marketing Manager