Logan Cochran

Data Analyst at dbt Labs



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Work style

How I prefer to work



Mostly in a team

Qualities I value in my colleagues

  • Honesty
  • ownership
  • reliability
  • integrity
  • sense of humor

My communication style

  • Casual
  • open
  • curious
  • calm
  • positive

My pet peeves

  • Inauthenticity
  • inconsiderateness
  • gossip
  • close-mindedness
  • micromanagement

Fun fact

I love to travel and experience new cultures & foods. So far I have been to 8 countries outside of the US, and am always looking for an opportunity to explore a new one!

Personal Q&A

  • How do you like to receive feedback?

    I like to receive feedback honestly and timely, whether it be positive or negative. I maintain the mindset that there is always room for improvement; the sooner I can identify an opportunity, the more rapidly I can make the necessary changes.


  • Data Analyst

    December 4, 2023 - present

  • Technical Instructor

    May, 2022

  • Senior Technical Instructor

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