Murilo Hennemann

Senior Product Designer — focused in Design System & Ops at DefinedCrowd

Murilo Hennemann has a diverse and extensive work experience spanning over several industries and roles.

Starting in 2011, they worked at Fundação Padre Urbano Thiesen | Tv Unisinos as a Web Designer and later as a Social Media | Reporter.

In 2014, Murilo joined Ubi-Nuri as an App Developer and Designer, where they developed and published an application while conducting market research in the Brazilian mobile marketing industry.

Murilo then worked briefly at Hyundai Motor Company as a Designer in the Advanced Design Team, focusing on creating a conceptual car UI and UX with a ludic approach to driving and augmented reality.

In 2014, they also worked at Rafti Ltda as a Business Intelligence professional, conducting research and supporting decision-making processes while contributing to branding and marketing activities.

From 2017 to 2019, Murilo worked as a Design Researcher at Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology, where they were part of the Desis and Healthcare Laboratory teams. Murilo participated in projects related to social innovation, sustainability, and healthcare, including writing and publishing a resume and presenting results at Gwangju Bienalle in South Korea.

From 2018 to 2019, they collaborated with Little Nice Things, focusing on projects related to blockchain, artificial intelligence, and sustainability. Murilo also introduced the Design Sprint service and contributed to secondary tasks under the guidance of the Studio Lead Designer and CEO.

In 2019, Murilo joined SIDIA - Samsung Instituto de P&D da Amazônia as a Product Designer, working on the Solutions Design & UX team. Murilo collaborated with business partners to provide seamless software and user experiences, facilitated workshops, and contributed to design system proposals and documentation.

From 2021 to 2022, they worked at Creditas, starting as a Senior Design Ops professional and later promoted to Design Ops Lead. Murilo played a key role in scaling the team and implementing Design Ops practices to empower a diverse team, co-create solutions, and achieve company goals.

Currently, Murilo is a Senior Product Designer at, where they focus on Design System & Ops. Murilo is responsible for bridging the needs and pain points of all services, accelerating progress, and creating engaging designs.

Overall, Murilo Hennemann's work experience showcases their versatility, leadership skills, and expertise in various areas of design and innovation within different industries.

Murilo Hennemann has a diverse education history. Murilo obtained a Master's degree in Creative Design Engineering from Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology, which they attended from 2017 to 2019. Prior to that, they completed their Bachelor's degree in Comunicação Digital at Unisinos, graduating in 2015. In 2013, they participated in an exchange program at Hanyang University, where they focused on web page, digital/multimedia, and information resources design. In the same year, they also took part in the Programa Santander Top China 2012 at Peking University, where they studied general subjects with a focus on urbanism. Murilo's educational journey started when they were an exchange student at Central Bucks West High School - PA from 2009 to 2010. Murilo completed their secondary education at Instituto Estadual Madre Benícia between 2005 and 2010. In addition to their formal education, Murilo has obtained a certification called "FUTUROS" from Aerolito in April 2021.


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  • Senior Product Designer — focused in Design System & Ops

    October, 2022 - present

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