Robert Weeks

Partner & Developer at DesignHammer

Robert founded DesignHammer with partners David Minton and Frank Yonetti in 2001. Robert was instrumental in creating the DesignHammer name and led the development efforts at the company for years. Today, he spends a lot of his time managing DesignHammer’s servers and assisting with the development and maintenance of sites.

After years of working as a professional woodworker, Robert decided to pursue design and typography at Pratt Institute. Grateful he wasn’t swayed by a professor that hated the then-new, world wide web, he went on to have a very successful web design and programming shop in SoHo.

Later, while working as a Senior Web Developer at NetworkArts in North Carolina he met his future partners, David Minton and Frank Yonnetti. Together they started DesignHammer in 2001.


  • Partner & Developer

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