Fernando Ramiro González

Vessel Performance Manager at NORDEN

Fernando Ramiro González has a diverse work experience in various industries. Fernando started in 2016 as an Office Assistant at Balgal, Gestion Comercial Integral, where they developed a database and participated in employee selection and customer service. In 2017, they worked as an Inventory Assistant at Inditex for a short period. Later, in 2018, they interned as a Summer Engineer at Orange España, contributing to the enhancement of a chatbot for improving customer experience. From 2020 to 2021, they were a Business Analyst intern at ACCIONA, focusing on smart city initiatives and data analysis. In 2022, they interned at Silicon Labs as a Business Analyst Intern, specializing in data and sales operations. Fernando supported project planning and reporting processes, conducted market and competitor analysis, and worked on a project related to their master's thesis. In 2023, they joined DS NORDEN as a Vessel Performance Manager.

Fernando Ramiro González has a diverse education history spanning multiple institutions and fields of study. Fernando started their educational journey in 2000 at Escuelas Pias de San Fernando, where they pursued their primary and secondary education. In 2011, they completed their studies at Escuelas Pias de San Fernando.

After completing their secondary education, Fernando went on to study at Instituto Veritas from 2015 to 2016. Although their field of study during this period is not specified, it can be assumed that they were exploring different academic interests.

In 2016, Fernando enrolled at Universidad Pontificia Comillas and pursued a degree in ICAI - Industrial Technology Engineering with a specialization in Mechanical. Fernando dedicated five years to this program, successfully completing it in 2021.

In 2022, Fernando took some single courses at Copenhagen Business School to expand their knowledge in a specific area. The field of study for these courses is not provided.

Currently, Fernando is pursuing a Master's degree in Industrial Engineering and Management at DTU - Technical University of Denmark. Fernando started in 2021 and is expected to complete the program in 2023.

Overall, Fernando Ramiro González has demonstrated a commitment to lifelong learning, acquiring knowledge and expertise in various fields through their education.



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  • Vessel Performance Manager

    August, 2023 - present