Xu Renyan

VP at Du Xiaoman Financial

With more than 30 years of working experience in the banking industry, Xu Renyan was the vice president of the Hangzhou Central Sub-branch of the People's Bank of China; in 2004, he participated in the establishment of Zheshang Bank, and successively served as a member of the party committee, director and vice president of China Zheshang Bank, in April 2018 Promoted to President of China Zheshang Bank. During her tenure in China Zheshang Bank, Xu Renyan led China Zheshang Bank to fully implement the platform service strategy, promoted the application of technological innovation and the upgrading of platform services, and promoted many fruitful innovations in supply chain finance, financial services for small and micro enterprises, etc. Business digitization, specialization, and differentiation have been transformed and developed, and excellent results have been achieved. In September 2021, he joined Du Xiaoman as Vice President, responsible for the supply chain financial technology business.


  • VP

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