Olivier Corradi

Founder, CEO at Electricity Maps

Olivier Corradi has a diverse work experience spanning several industries and roles. In 2005, they began their career as an IT Student Worker at the Technical University of Denmark, where they supported various technical projects until 2007. Olivier then worked as a Teaching Assistant in linear algebra for a brief period in 2009.

In 2010, Corradi returned to the Technical University of Denmark as a Research Assistant, a role they held until the end of the year. During this time, they contributed to research projects and assisted in academic activities. In 2009, they also worked as a Business Development Student at the IBM Zürich Research Lab, where they focused on renewable energy integration and optimizing the operation of electric vehicles and heat pumps.

Corradi's work at IBM continued in 2011 when they transitioned to the role of Smarter Energy Research Intern. Olivier conducted research into the integration of fluctuating renewable energy sources and built models for optimizing electric vehicle and heat pump operations, providing balancing services to the grid. In the same year, they also acted as a Business Development Student at IMT Nordic.

In 2012, Corradi joined Google as a Product Quality Analyst, where they were responsible for anti-spam activities specifically for Google Maps France. Olivier investigated cross-product abuse across all Google products.

In 2014, Corradi moved on to work as the VP of Data Science Engineering at Snips, a role they held until 2016. Olivier was involved in leading data science projects and engineering teams.

In 2016, Corradi founded two companies: Electricity Maps and Tomorrow. At Electricity Maps, they served as the Founder and CEO. Meanwhile, at Tomorrow, they held the role of Founder and CEO until 2021.

As of 2016, they also took on the position of Advisory CTO at Connected Cars A/S, where they provided technical guidance and expertise.

In 2018, Corradi became a Guest Lecturer at the DTU - Technical University of Denmark, where they share their knowledge and expertise with students.

Overall, Corradi's experience shows a combination of entrepreneurship, research, teaching, and technical leadership roles in various industries.

Olivier Corradi's education history begins in 1993, where they attended Lycée International de Saint-Germain-en-Laye. Olivier obtained a Scientific Baccalaureate with Danish as International Option (OIB) from this school, completing their studies in 2005.

In 2005, Corradi enrolled at DTU - Technical University of Denmark, where they pursued a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics & Technology. Olivier completed this program in 2009.

Following their undergraduate degree, Corradi attended CentraleSupélec from 2007 to 2009, where they earned a Master of Science degree. During this program, their studies focused on Mathematics, Management, Marketing, and Economics.

Continuing their academic journey, Corradi joined the DTU - Technical University of Denmark again in 2009, this time to pursue a Master of Science degree in the Industrial Mathematics Elite Program. Olivier completed this program in 2011.

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