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Org chart

Olivier Corradi
Founder, CEO

Olivier Corradi

Liv Montmerle Sørensen
Chief Revenue Officer
James Dietrich
Chief Technology Officer
Josee Meiners
People & Culture


Pragmatic idealism

We’re here to fix climate change, but we also acknowledge that it won’t be fixed overnight. We therefore prioritize pragmatic solutions that can be implemented here and now. We strive to be a driver of positive change and stay optimistic about the future, trusting that humanity will overcome the challenge.


We trust each other and strive to create an environment where everyone is empowered to do their best, most focused work. We help each other by providing the support needed to succeed, and attempt to broadly share context to enable autonomous decisions.

Nice humans

We take collective responsibility for our failures and succeses, and don't place blame on individuals. We look out for each other, are well-intentioned and treat people within and beyond our team as the nice humans they are.

Scientific integrity

Our allegiance is to the physical world, which we explore and understand through scientific reasoning. We stay honest about what we don't know, and evolve our views when presented with new evidence.