Emerson College


Emerson College, Boston is a school in Boston.





Org chart

Jay Bernhardt

Jay Bernhardt

Jan Roberts-Breslin
Interim Provost & VP, Academic Affairs
Jamie Montgomery-Hyde
Chief Human Resources Officer
Justin Sharifipour
Interim VP, Enrollment Management
Paul Dworkis
VP, Administration & Finance
David C. Howse
VP, Institutional Advancement & VP, Office of the Arts
Margaret Ann Ings
VP, Government & Community Relations
James Hoppe
VP & Dean, Campus Life
Zoe Wyner
Execuctive Director, ProArts Consortium
Steve Lisa
Senior Director, Business Intelligence
Erin Brennen
Senior Associate Director, Athletics
Carol Spector
Director, Career Services
Audra Kenny
Director, Academic Advising Center
Karen Dickinson
Director, Business Services
Eric Gordon
Assistant Dean & Director of the Engagement Lab
Christine Del Favero
Director, Alumni Relations & Programs
John Richard
Director, Budget & Planning
Kristy Kime
Director, Alumni Digital Engagement
Vicky Peterson
Director, Commencement
Jacob DiTore
Associate Director, Annual Giving & Assistant Coach
Elizabeth Holland
Executive Administrator, Office of the President
Jaimee Rizzo
Coordinator, Presidential Events
David Griffin
Director, Education Abroad & Domestic Program
Winelle Felix
Associate Director, Social Media & Digital Storytelling
Laura Owen
Associate Director, Wellness & Health Promotion
Christina Paris
Associate Director, Community Health & Engagement
Marin Smith
Associate Director, Counseling Services
Rosa Tsay Jacobs
Associate Director, Student Wellness & Support Services
Lisa Viveiros
Associate Director, Health Services
Duncan Pollock
Interim AVP, Facilities
Kenneth Danton
Deputy General Counsel
Leanda Miranda
Director, Graduate Admission
Christie Anglade
Assistant Dean & Director, Housing, Residential Education & Student Conduct
Michael Duggan
AVP, Institutional Research
Tamia Jordan
Director, Intercultural Student Affairs
Francis Frain
AVP, IT Security & Infrastructure
Craig Downs
AVP, Technology Support Services
Erin Clossey
Director, News & Information
Michelle Gaseau
Senior Director, Strategic Communications & Media Relations
Rosemary Lavery
Associate Director, Communications & Media Relations
Charna Westervelt
Editorial Director, Alumni Magazine
Sonia Jurado
AVP, Office of Equal Opportunity
Samuel Woodson
Director, Marketing Strategy & Accounts
Kevin Lau
Director, Marketing Content
Morgan Viehman
Associate Director, Content Strategy
Eric Asetta
Executive Director, Research & Creative Scholarship
Diana Potter
Senior Associate Director, Grants & Proposals
Sharon Duffy
AVP, Student Success
Robert Orchard
Founder & Creative Consultant
Robert Smith
Chief of Police Department
Rebecca Aberle
Affiliated Faculty
Kortney Adams
Affiliated Faculty
Jay Are Adams
Affiliated Faculty
Kellian Adams Pletcher
Affiliated Faculty
Alysia Abbott
Affiliated Faculty
George Abraham
Affiliated Faculty
Debra Acquavella
senior Stage & Production Manager-in-Residence II
Cate Agis
Affiliated Faculty
Sonia Aggarwal
Affiliated Faculty
Aaron Agulnek
Affiliated Faculty
Natalia Aguilar Vasquez
Assistant Professor
Jamal Ait Hammou
Affiliated Faculty
Maria Agui Carter
Assistant Professor
Sami Ahmad
Multimedia Producer
Jane Akiba
Senior Affiliated Faculty
Rashidat Agboola
Staff Clinician, BIPOC Focus
Nancy Allen
Senior Executive-in-Residence
Alex Algaze Gonzalez
Affiliated Faculty
Susanne Althoff
Associate Professor
Jason Allen - Forrest
Operations Manager, PA
Steven Ambrose
Affiliated Faculty
Lauren Anderson
Assistant Professor
Agaptus Anaele
Associate Professor
Angela Anderson-Connolly
Journalist-in-Residence, WEBN-TV Advisor
Harold Apter
Affiliated Faculty
Elizabeth Apple
Coordinator, Marketing Iwasaki Library
Chitra Anwar
Graduate Teaching Assistant & Graduate Assistant 2, Academic & Research
Joseph Antoun
Senior Affiliated Faculty
Luis Arnias
Affiliated Faculty
Sabrina Avilés
Affiliated Faculty
Ulya Aviral
Affiliated Faculty
Robert Awkward
Company Manager
Antonio Ascenso
Director, Production Facilities
Jabari Asim
Desiree Baker
Associate Director, Student Transitions
Trent Bagley
Director, Business Operations
Catherine Bai
Graduate Student Teaching and Graduate Assistant - WLP
Alex Bandow
Affiliated Faculty
Andrew Ball
Affiliated Faculty
Michael Balint
Affiliated Faculty
Laura Ball
Affiliated Faculty
Cathy Bakkensen
Affiliated Faculty
Lauren Barthold
Affiliated Faculty
Tatiana Barzaghi
Co-Curricular Experience Manager, LA Campus
Jesse Battilana
Advance Practice Clinician
Ellie Beargeon
Affiliated Faculty
Lindsay Beamish
Associate Professor
Ryan Bates
Director, Props
Kathryn Bedecarré
Affiliated Faculty
Hidde Bekhuis
Affiliated Faculty
Amy Beecher
Assistant Professor
Gerlo Beernink
Kasteel Well Part Time Faculty
Kevin Belli
Affiliated Faculty
David Bendiksen
Affiliated Faculty
Melissa Bergstrom
Affiliated Faculty
Bradley Bird
Affiliated Faculty
Corey Blackmar
Director, Global Partnerships & Internationalization
Harlan Bosmajian
Associate Professor
Rebecca Bradshaw
Affiliated Faculty
Vanessa Bouvry
Associate Director, Program Development
Lauren Bozzuto
Clinical Instructor & Placement Coordinator
Leonie Bradbury
Distinguished Curator-in-Residence
Alex Brandt
Temp Stage Technician
Terrye Bretzke
Senior Administrator, Business Operations
Amy Caron
Assistant Director, Program and Student Support
Alina Carter
Assistant Director, Program & Student Support
Melodie Cassell
Affiliated Faculty
Timothy Chang
AVP & Chief Operation Officer
Liz Chase
Director, Academic Assessment
David Charles
Senior Electronic Maintenance Technician
Jun Chen
Senior Software Applications Developer
Nora Brosseau
InterLibrary Loan Specialist
Jodi Burrel
Associate Director, Academic Skills
Olivia Carey
Managing Editor, Ploughshares
Anne Citorik
Clinical Instructor
Kalyn Choma
Assistant Director, Student Accessibility Services
Julie Choi
Associate Director, Credit Programs
Miao He
AVP, Enterprise Data & Solution Management
Jennifer Doyle
Project Manager
Ashley Schiefer
Manager, Technology Budget & Operations
Darnell Bartee
macOS Endpoint Administrator
Patrick Keane
Specialist, Desktop Support
Molly McGowan
Budget & Operations Specialist, IT
Gloria Biamonte
Professor Emerita
Allison Dawson
Vice President for Institutional Advancement
Yu-Jin Chang
Associate Professor & Assistant Dean
Steve Bohrer
Network Engineer - Wifi
Charlotte Alexander
Affiliated Faculty
Susan Ames
Instruction & Reference Librarian, Temporary
Ryan Banfi
Affiliated Faculty
Meghan Barr
Affiliated Faculty
Martina Beccari
Associate Director, Annual Giving, Annual Fund
Leanne Beliveau
Executive Assistant & Office Manager, Finance & Financial Business Services
Chris Benham
Affiliated Faculty
Marlous Boldrik
Kasteel Well Part-Time Faculty
Nakieshia Brewster-Fullington
Gifts & Data Coordinator
William Baldwin
Fitness & Recreation Coordinator
Betsey Chace
Emerson Prison Initiative ReEntry Coordinator
Katey Almeida
Instructional Technologist
Mark Brodie
Christina Carlson
Senior Affiliated Faculty
Susan Canavan
Affiliated Faculty
Jaime Carrillo
Affiliated Faculty
Kathleen Castellanos
Affiliated Faculty
Michael Chao
Affiliated Faculty
Lori Chekal
Affiliated Faculty
Cheryl Charles
Affiliated Faculty
Brian Charles
Affiliated Faculty
Mina Cho
Affiliated Faculty
Amelia Broome
Senior Artist-in-Residence II & Co-Chair
Hal Burg
Los Angeles Affiliated Faculty
Michael Campbell
Affiliated Faculty, On Leave
Alexandra Carter
Affiliated Faculty
Heather Cassano
Affiliated Faculty
Nicole Cerra
Affiliated Faculty
Matthew Chapuran
Affiliated Faculty
Mark Chesak
Affiliated Faculty
Brian Indrelie
Protestant Chaplain
Cheyenne Asahina
Assistant to the Director of Programming
Molly Bourque
Executive Administrator
Ben Brooks
Senior Writer-in-Residence
Haley Bresnahan
Senior Assistant Director, Graduate Admission Communications
Thuy Buonocore
Project Assistant II, CSD & Project Assistant, Communication Sciences & Disorders
Daniel Callahan
Affiliated Faculty
Brian Choinski
Assistant Costume Shop Supervisor