Anna Selander

Chief People & Culture Officer at Enea AB

Anna Selander has a diverse work experience spanning over several years. Starting from their most recent position, they are currently working at Enea AB as the Chief Human Resources Officer. Prior to that, they worked at H&M as a Senior Human Resources Consultant, and at Academic Work as the Vice CEO and Group Director People & Performance.

Earlier in their career, Anna held roles at Northvolt as the Director of Learning & Leadership, where they were responsible for leadership development, strategy, learning culture, and values deployment. Anna also worked at Klarna, where they held multiple roles such as Director of Learning & Leadership and Director of Commercial Enablement, focusing on learning and performance enablement, career development, leadership framework, training, and employer branding.

Anna's experiences also include working at Ericsson, where they held various positions such as Head of Ericsson ConsumerLab, Head of Ericsson Academy Sales & Marketing, and Head of Performance & Competence Management. In these roles, they were responsible for consumer research, learning and development, talent initiatives, and competence models.

Additionally, Anna has international work experience, having served as a Trade Commissioner for the Swedish Trade Council in Argentina and holding various roles at Ericsson in countries like the UK, Austria, and Chile.

Overall, Anna Selander's work experience demonstrates their expertise in human resources, leadership development, learning and performance enablement, and international business.

Anna Selander obtained a Master's Degree in International Business from the School of Business, Economics and Law at the University of Gothenburg, from 1989 to 1993. Prior to that, they pursued a Samhällsvetenskaplig linje (Social Sciences) at Sigrid Rudebecks Gymnasium in Gothenburg, Sweden, from 1984 to 1987. No specific degree name was mentioned for the latter.



  • Chief People & Culture Officer

    February, 2023 - present