Judith Tan

Head, Capital Markets at EstateGuru

Judith Tan is the current head of Capital Markets at EstateGuru. Judith has over fifteen years of experience in the finance industry, with a focus on investments and real estate.

Tan started their career at Northgate Investment Management Ltd, where they spent six years as a director. Judith then moved to Lucent Group, where they were a director for just over a year. In their current role at EstateGuru, Tan has been responsible for overseeing the company's capital markets operations.

Tan is a graduate of the University of London, where they earned a degree in Economics.

Judith Tan received their undergraduate degree from NYU Stern School of Business. Judith then went on to receive their MBA from the same school.

Judith Tan reports to Marek Pärtel, Co-Founder & Chairman. They are on a team with Daniil Aal - Head, Group Sales, Artūras Konusevičius - Country Manager, Lithuania, and Ross Gandy - MD, Estateguru Marketplace Ltd.


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