Org chart

Joseph T. Kelly
Chief Financial Officer
Keith Fallon
EVP, Director of Education Practice
Roger Rudy
Director of Operations
Paul L. Constantini
Director of Structural Engineering, Principal
Sara J. Eastman
Director of Science & Technology, Principal
Robert Ghisu
Director of Electrical Engineering, Principal
Oscar F. Gomes
Director of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion, Principal
David Gordon
Director of Mechanical Engineering, Principal
Andrew Jarvis
Director of Healthcare Practice, Principal
Eric Joesten
Director of Engineering, Principal
Jason Kolano
Regional Director, Charlotte, Principal
Angela Matchica
Director of Lighting Design, Principal
William McCullough
Director of Sports & Entertainment, Principal
Aitor Sanchez-Prado
Director of Life Sciences, Principal
James A. Wilson
Regional Director of Science & Technology, Principal
James Bartlett
Regional Director of Design, Baltimore
George Bushey
Regional Director of Sports & Entertainment, Atlanta
Beth Carroll
Director of Human Resources
Joseph Donahue
Director of Marketing Communications
Joseph Castner
Regional Director, Irvine
Christopher Garris
Regional Director of Design, Raleigh
Alice Gittler
Director of Healthcare Research & Engagement
Christian Kauffman
Director of Administrative Services
Roger A. Macartney
Director of Quality Assurance
Maria Papiez
Director of Sustainable Design
Michael Rantilla
Regional Director
Richard Williams
Regional Director, Baltimore
Gayle S. Lane
Jason E. Fierko
Director of Energy Management, Principal
Salvador Ceja
Mary L. Frazier
Managing Principal, New York
David Gaudreau
Managing Principal, Baltimore
William A.l. Gaudreau
Managing Principal, Baltimore
Leslie Kipps
Enrique Vegas
Shani Ferguson
Associate & Marketing Manager
George Spadea
Director of Information Services
David W. Keith
Regional Director of Science & Technology, San Diego

Board & Advisors

People not yet in org chart

Emmanuel Gee
David Himes
Daniel Hazell