Five Keys Schools and Programs


Five Keys is a nationally recognized non-profit education management corporation that operates accredited charter schools, Workforce Development, ESL programs, Assessment and Educational Placement, Career Technical Education, Reentry Programs for transitional aged youth and adults at over 80 locatio





Org chart

Steve Good
President & CEO

Steve Good

Elyse Graham
COO & Executive VP
Lisa Haynes
Chief People Officer
Antonette West
Chief Financial Officer
Clarece Weinraub
Chief Research & Policy Officer
Dorick Scarpelli
VP of College, Career, & Reentry Pathways
Amelia Lewis
VP, Development & Communications
Erica Meyer
VP, Systems & Organizational Development
Michael Johnson
Principal, Solano & Alameda Counties
Roger Migdow
Principal, Santa Clara
Terese Bravo
Principal, San Francisco County Jails 2 & 3
Toribio Daniels
Director, Site 10
Marcie Webber
Director, Contract Compliance, SoCal
Tammy Johnson
Program Director, Home Free
Josie Villa
Director, Site S & Mission Cabins
Kim Duong
Deputy Director of Housing Services
Jalonn Malik Harrison
Assistant Director, Transitional Employment
Michelle Renteria
Assistant Director of Workforce & Career Development
Chris Faucher
Assistant Director, Career Technical Education
Ann Kazarian
Assistant Director, Bayshore Navigation Center
Eldridge Cruse
Assistant Director, Site 34
Dawn McKnight
Assistant Director, Baldwin Navigation Center
Tim Long
Assistant Director, Community Sites South Bay
Curtis Kidd
Assistant Director, Site S
Roozbeh Iravani
Embarcadero Assistant Director
Demian Johnson
Assistant Director, Dignity Village
Eduardo Crabbe
Community Relations & Employment Transitions Manager