FM Conway

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FM Conway is an infrastructure services company delivering vital services.





Org chart

Bill Pryor
Managing Director
Andrew Hansen
Managing Director & Executive Board Member
Matt Smith
Managing Director
Andrew Cox
Managing Director
James Tallon
Managing Director
Rhiannon Morgan
Managing Director
Mark Goldsworthy
Chief Financial Officer
Matthew Smith
Structures Director
Natasha Mealey
Head Of Marketing
James Twyford
Head Of Data And Business Systems
Ella Cole
Head Of Business Support Services & Recruitment
Sharon Field Cmgr Fcmi
Head Of Corporate Social Responsibility
John Nuttall
Head Of Brighton Framework Contract Delivery
Paul Harkins
Head Of Commercial
Steve Chapman
Head Of Lighting
Liz Garvey
Human Resources Director
Danny Whitlock
Commercial Director
Kamal Uddin
Director Of IT & Transformation
Paul Cerexhe
Director Of Security & Risk
Andrew W.
CAD Manager