Niels Frederiksen

Lead Developer & Co-founder at Forecast

Niels Frederiksen has a diverse work experience that spans several industries. Niels is currently the Lead Developer and Co-founder of, an end-to-end data-driven Project and Portfolio Management platform. In this role, they assist in predicting time and cost for projects and handles the organization and management of agile and traditional projects. Prior to this, they held the same position at Forecast Consult A/S, where they provided intelligent project insights to businesses.

Before entering the project management field, Niels co-founded EMP Group (Wölwa Group) in 2008. Niels was involved in the company until 2013. Additionally, they worked as a Web Analytics Consultant at Visionize, where they handled customer profiles, reports, and maintained the backend of

Niels began their career as an IT-Student helper at Patientklagenævnet in 2005 and continued in this position until 2011. Niels has consistently demonstrated a strong interest in project management, data-driven solutions, and web analytics throughout their career.

Niels Frederiksen's education history begins in 2000 when they attended Espergærde gymnasium, where they pursued a field of study in mathematics and completed their secondary education. Following this, they enrolled at the University of Copenhagen from 2004 to 2009, where they earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science. In 2010, Niels continued their education at the IT-Universitetet i København, specializing in Media Technology and Games, and completed their Master's degree in 2012.



  • Lead Developer & Co-founder

    September, 2016 - present

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