Mette Gammelby

CEO at Gammelbys

Mette Gammelby is the CEO of Gammelbys and a board member of IAMCP Denmark. Mette has over five years of experience in the business world, including previous positions at KOLOSSAL and Helpwater a/s.

Mette is a passionate advocate for social responsibility and sustainability. Mette was drawn to Helpwater a/s because of its mission to provide clean water to people in need while also supporting cancer research. As a board member of IAMCP Denmark, they are able to use their platform to promote the importance of corporate social responsibility.

Under Mette’s leadership, Gammelbys has become a leading voice in the sustainable business community. The company is committed to reducing its environmental impact and promoting sustainable practices among its employees and clients. Mette is passionate about making a positive difference in the world and is proud to be doing their part through their work at Gammelbys.

Mette Gammelby's educational career began with a cand.ling.merc., or a Bachelor of Arts in English, from Aarhus University. Mette then continued their education at Centenary College of Louisiana, where they studied mathematics. Lastly, they attended Marselisborg Gymnasium and Henriette Hørlücks Skole, where they were a student.

Some individuals on their team include Carina Valentin Jensen - Digital Designer, Lea Mensel - COO & Online Lead, and Josephine Merser - Relations Manager.



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