Roland Rott

CEO, Ultrasound at GE Healthcare Systems

Roland Rott is CEO of GE Healthcare Ultrasound. This strategic business unit provides clinicians with advanced technology to screen, triage, evaluate, diagnose, monitor and provide therapy guidance across the entire ultrasound marketplace which includes Radiology and Vascular, OB/GYN & Women’s Health, Cardiovascular, Point of Care, Primary & Emerging Care, and Breast Screening.

Roland joined GE Healthcare in 2011 and has held several leadership roles within the Ultrasound business. Leading Women’s Health Ultrasound, he grew the business into one with a 66 percent global market share, and overseen the launch of notable NPIs such as six generations of the Premium Voluson E10/8/6 and the award winning Voluson SWIFT.

Before joining GE, Roland was Managing Director, EMEA and Executive Board Member of Exact Software, Netherlands. Prior to this, he founded two software companies in Austria. He is a Software Engineering alumni from the HTBLA Leonding, Austria and completed several Senior Executive courses in strategy, innovation, and Artificial Intelligence at London Business School, UK, Stanford University, US, and UC Berkeley, US.


  • CEO, Ultrasound

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