Esa Ikaheimonen

Chief Financial Officer at Genel Energy

Esa Ikaheimonen is the current Chief Financial Officer at Genel Energy. Prior to this, they were with Averda, Independent Oil and Gas plc, and GENEL ENERGY PLC, where they served as the Group CFO and CCO, Executive Director. Esa has also been with ADNOC Drilling / Upstream Directorate and Lamor Corporation plc, where they were the Chairman of the Board. Esa's most recent position was with Energy Infrastructure Company as an Equity Associate.

Esa Ikaheimonen has a Master of Laws from the University of Turku and a certification from the same school in Legal, taxation, and accounting.

Esa Ikaheimonen reports to Bill Higgs, Chief Executive Officer. They are on a team with Berna Özkoç Öztınaz - Chief HR Officer, Hassan Gozal - Non-Executive Director, and Stephen Mitchell - General Counsel.


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