Teneasha Washington

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Lead at Global Genes

Teneasha Washington is the Founder and CEO of The Washington Group, where she consults and provides expertise in various areas such as grant development, program implementation, diversity, equity, inclusion, rare disease, and many other public health strategic areas of focus. Some of her projects include creating an intervention program manual for Hispanic young women regarding the uptake of better health practices. Also, she attained the first sustainability rating for the City of Birmingham by achieving a three-star status for the Sustainability Tracking Assessment & Rating System (STAR) program. Her current research focuses on serving as the lead of community engagement efforts for the Mindfulness, Exercise, Nutrition, to Optimize Resilience (MENTOR) program. In this role, she develops funding opportunities for local communities and provides training focused on community engagement. She is also a QM-certified professor teaching undergraduate and graduate students in the UAB School of Public Health on social and behavioral sciences, community organizing, intervention development, and research methods. In previous roles, she has served as a facilitator of multiple grants focused on maternal and child health among mothers at the Jefferson County Committee for Economic Development (JCCEO), diabetes and high blood pressure interventions among African Americans, needs assessments related to health, education, safety, and economic security; mixed-methods studies, evaluation of university nursing school programs, and church interventions for connecting communities to health care resources. Washington holds degrees from UAB (BS, Biology; MPH, Public Health; Ph.D., Health Education/Health Promotion, Public Health).


  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Lead

    Current role