Isa Goksu

Chief Technology Officer, UK at Globant

An executive leader with strong hands-on technical experience. A pythonista, gopher, hacker and an innovative technologist with over 21 years of industry experience mainly in Finance, but also in Retail, Telco and Travel. Solid executive relationships and stakeholder management with C-suite. Led various enterprise level digital transformation programmes, managed very large teams and delivered many mission critical projects from both onshore and offshore. He is an outcome-oriented individual and a strong advocate of pragmatism, Lean and Agile. A faithful believer in system thinking, design thinking and empowerment that comes with intelligent insights. I truly believe data beats opinion! He is particularly focused around the innovation within the enterprise culture, adoption of AI/ML, Blockchain/Distributed Ledgers and evolving interactions such as voice and haptic engines.



  • Chief Technology Officer, UK

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