Globant is an IT and Software Development company operating in Argentina, Colombia, Uruguay, the United Kingdom, Brazil, the United States, Peru, India, Mexico, Chile and Spain.






Org chart

Martín Migoya
Co-Founder & CEO

Martín Migoya

Maite Barrera Xaubet
CEO Bluecap, a Globant DIvision
Ignacio Iglesias
Chief Business Officer, Latin America
Carolina Dolan Chandler
Chief Digital Officer
Mercedes MacPherson
Chief People Officer EMEA
Sebastián Arriada
Chief Information Officer
Santos Videla
Chief People & Education Officer
Karl Norman
CEO, eWave
Federico Pienovi
Chief Business Officer for EMEA
Fernando Matzkin
Chief Business Officer for North America
Marina Saint-Lary
Chief Solutions Officer & Head of Farming Practices
Martín Umaran
Co-Founder & Chairman, EMEA
Nicolás Ávila
Chief Technology Officer for North America
Patricia Pomies
Chief Operating Officer
Wanda Weigert
Chief Brand Officer
Isa Goksu
Chief Technology Officer, UK
Ignacio Cantalupo
COO, North America
Sebastian Miserendino
CTO, Latin America
Guibert Englebienne
Globant X President, Latam President & Co-founder
Nestor Nocetti
Co-Founder & EVP of Corporate Affairs
Ariel Capone
Co-General Manager US South Central
Valeria Abadi
SVP, Brand Global
Shantala Sadananda
General Manager US East
Patricio Pablo Rojo
General Counsel
Diego Maldonado
Managing Director, Adaptive Organizations
Shivraj Sabale
Country Head, India
Fatima Said
Managing Director, eWave
Beatriz De Tena
Managing Director, Walmeric, a Globant Company
Tania Salarvand
Managing Director, US
Jaime Lopez
Co-Founder AdBid, a Globant Company
Felipe Miranda
Managing Director, US
Luis Ureta
Managing Director, Spain
Stuart Deignan
MD, New Markets
Pepe Chamorro
Marketing Director, Globant Create
Phil Hingley