Vivian Sauksteliskis

VP Operations at Globant

Vivian was born in Uruguay and moved to Argentina in 2006 after graduating as a Computer System Engineer. She joined Globant in 2007 as a Business Analyst. Her second assignment was for El Tiempo, one of the first Globant clients in Colombia, where she became the manager of the project one year later. That project and its multiple challenges (huge fixed price project with a new client and the first project working together with the first Globant acquisition company- Accendra) prepared her for her nexts projects within Globant: Comcel, BSI, Tenaris, Gilbarco and trained her holistic point of view including delivery - finance - people and processes always into the equation. In 2014, when the Studios turned into BUs, she proactively offered herself as a controller of one of the BUs, taking care of the multiple KPIs, process adherence, analysing all the information for decision making, and assuring all the accounts team have everything in place to focus on their clients.

In 2016, when 50squared program was launched, she was involved in the transformation within Globant impacting structure, processes, tools, assignments, finance and maturity framework and allowing her to work with the most strategic roles of the company. During that time, she also changed the PM onboarding program in Globant, got her Counselor degree and started to work as a therapist after working hours.

Working together with Technology in the TL Maturity made her realise that Tech and Operations are stronger working together and participated in the idea of the creation of the Agile Delivery Studio, where she works at the present.

Nowadays, she is mainly focused on DeliveryManagement, account strategy and her role within the studio. Vivian is also the VP Operations, Ops Controlling manager and focuses on Globant financial KPIs achievement and efficiency, continuous improvements and the integration of Delivery with People.



  • VP Operations

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