Gabriel SC

Head Sucesso do cliente at GrandChef

Gabriel SC is currently the Head of Customer Success at GrandChef. Prior to this, they were with Magazine Luiza where they were responsible for Business Planning and Development, researching and studying markets, and thinking long-term. Gabriel also was in charge of StarComputer, where they sold electronics and computers. Gabriel is focused on growth strategies that lead to financial gain and customer satisfaction. Gabriel builds long-term relationships with new and existing customers and makes sure customer service processes are up to par.

Gabriel SC's educational career began with a G4 education in main strategies, tools, and frameworks for management, sales, and growth. Gabriel then went on to earn their Master of Technology in Information Technology from FIAP.

Some of their coworkers include Jean - Head Vendas, Dianna Faust - Head MKT conteúdo, and Dona Mara - Auxiliar. Some individuals on their team include Silfas Fernandes - Sucesso do Cliente (Retenção), Wieland Neto - Sucesso do Cliente, and Thamiris Leandro - Suporte Comercial. Gabriel SC reports to Geison SC, CEO.


  • Head Sucesso do cliente

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  • Head de clientes

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