Katherine Geller

Producer, Talent Producer, And Casting Director at HartBeat Productions

Katherine Geller has extensive experience in the entertainment industry, particularly in casting and talent production. Katherine has worked at companies such as HARTBEAT, Key Media Partners, Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, Studio Ramsay Global, Magilla Entertainment, CIRCUS DOG PRODUCTIONS, INC, All3Media, Netflix, Disney General Entertainment Content, and A. Smith & Co. Productions. Geller has held various roles including Producer, Talent Producer, Casting Director, Executive Producer, Development Co-EP, Director of Development, Development Executive, and Casting Producer. Throughout their career, they have worked on projects ranging from award shows like the Primetime Emmy Awards to TV shows and political campaigns. Geller has established strong relationships with celebrities, representatives, and other key figures in the industry, and they have a track record of creating meaningful content and leveraging celebrity influence.

Katherine Geller attended the University of Colorado from 2002 to 2007, where they did not earn a specific degree or study a particular field. During the same period, they also attended the University of Colorado Denver and obtained a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree in Sociology. In 2022, Katherine enrolled at Emerson College, where they are studying Arts, Entertainment, and Media Management as a speaker. In 2011, they pursued a Master's degree in Public Policy Analysis at the University of Colorado Denver. Furthermore, in 2023, Katherine plans to attend the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where they will focus on Python Coding and AI Management, although the degree name is not specified.


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  • Producer, Talent Producer, And Casting Director

    October, 2022 - present

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