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Havas Health & You is the world’s largest health and wellness network, made up of over 4,000 employees and spanning over 70 countries. Human purpose is the key guiding principal that leads all that the company does. Havas Health & You is dedicated to delivering consistent excellence and ground-break... Read more





Org chart

Donna Murphy
Global CEO

Donna Murphy

Allison Ceraso
President and Chief Experience Officer
Anna Kotis-Mitrotasios
Managing Director at H4B Chelsea
Bill Gallagher
Chief Information Officer
Brian Robinson
Global Chief Strategy Officer
Charles Houdoux
Partner Chief Client Officer CEO LATAM APAC
Cheryl Fielding
Group President
Chris Palmer
Chief Creative Officer & Chief Experience Officer, Havas Life Metro
Christian Bauman
President and Chief Creative Officer, H4B Chelsea
Claire Capeci
Managing Director, Arnold NY
Corey Cirillo
Managing Director at Havas Tonic
Cris Morton
Group President
David Hunt
Chief Digital Officer, CEO HH&Y West
Denise Henry
Group President
Ed Stapor
Partner, Chief Client Officer
Ernest Lageson
Chief Creative Officer, Havas San Francisco
Gary Ainsworth
Chief Executive Officer and Partner, Havas Gemini
Gary Liddell
Chief Financial Officer
Icaro Doria
Global Chief Creative Officer
James Wright
Global Chairman, Havas PR
Jeffrey Hoffman
Partner and Chief Development Officer
Jeiran Otmishi
Managing Director
John Ponsoll
Managing Director at Symbiotix
Julie Monroid
Managing Principal at xigxag Consulting
Leigh Hartnagel
Managing Director at H4B Boston
Lisa Davidson
Managing Director
Megan Rokosh
Chief Marketing Officer
Michael McNamara
President at Havas Life Metro
Michael Peto
Global Chief of Operations
Michael Pill
Chief Client Services Officer and Partner, Havas Gemini
Monette Hagopian
President at Havas San Francisco
Paul Klein
Managing Partner, Havas Tonic
Philip Silvestri
Managing Director/Chief Creative Officer, Havas Tonic
Richard Richard
Managing Director, Chief Creative Officer, Arnold Worldwide
Sally Jagelman
President, Symbiotix
Shazzia Khan
Chief of Staff and Global Chief Talent Officer
Stacey Gandler
Executive Vice President, Havas Health PR
Tracy DeShiro
Global Creative Collaboration Manager
Tracy Zuto
Executive Creative Director, H4B Catapult
Violet Aldaia
President at H4B Chelsea