Colin Hewett

Director Client Delivery Implementation at Healthcare Bluebook

Colin Hewett, PMP, has extensive work experience in various industries. Colin began their career as a Student Seller/Manager at Southwestern Company, where they successfully built and managed two direct-sale organizations, achieving high retail sales and leading a team of 12 individuals. Colin then joined the US Army, serving as an Infantry Platoon Leader and later as a Company Executive Officer. In these roles, they managed logistics, trained personnel, and implemented software and hardware technology systems. Hewett then transitioned to the private sector, joining Cumberland Consulting Group. As a Consultant, they played a key role in implementing EMR systems for healthcare organizations and developed strategies for testing and optimizing database master lists. Colin later became a Managing Consultant, overseeing a team and managing the testing strategy for an enterprise-wide implementation. Most recently, Hewett worked at Healthcare Bluebook as a Project/Account Manager and later as a Director, leading client delivery and implementation efforts and managing client success and account management. Throughout their career, Hewett has demonstrated strong leadership skills, project management expertise, and a focus on achieving high-quality results.

Colin Hewett, PMP completed their Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics and German at Vanderbilt University from 2001 to 2005. In 2003, they also attended Universitat Regensburg, although no degree or field of study has been specified for this period.

In addition to their academic education, Colin has obtained several certifications. Colin became a Project Management Professional (PMP) through the Project Management Institute in April 2013. Colin also holds a certification in Resolute Professional Billing Admin & Claims from Epic, obtained in March 2013. Furthermore, they earned certifications in Airborne and Ranger through the US Army in March and January 2006, respectively.



  • Director Client Delivery Implementation

    January, 2018 - present

  • Director Client Success Account Management

    September, 2015

  • Project Account Manager

    May, 2014

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