Daren Ure

Chief Scientific Officer at Hepion Pharmaceuticals

Dr. Ure began working on cyclosporins and cyclophilins in 2003, and has been focused on furthering the understanding of cyclophilins in physiology and disease. He has also focused on the therapeutic application of cyclosporins, the most potent and documented chemical class of cyclophilin inhibitors. Dr. Ure was a Research Scientist with Isotechnika Pharmaceuticals, and then the Director of Research and Development at Ciclofilin Pharmaceuticals, which was acquired by Hepion in 2016.

While Dr. Ure focused on characterization of the enhanced calcineurin inhibitor, voclosporin, earlier in his career, he more recently played a central role in the development and characterization of a library of synthetic, non-immunosuppressive analogs of cyclosporine A, which led to the selection of the optimized compound, CRV431. His dedicated efforts on cyclophilins/cyclosporins and considerable cross-disciplinary experience has been invaluable in helping to advance CRV431.

Dr. Ure earned his Ph.D. in neurobiology at the University of Alberta (Canada) and conducted postdoctoral work at Mayo Clinic (Rochester, Minnesota) in viral immunology.


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