Athanasios Karapatis

Embedded Engineer at Hiber

Athanasios Karapatis has a wealth of experience in the field of embedded engineering. Athanasios began their career in 2007 as a Computer Technician at COMPUnet. In 2012, they worked as an Intern - Investigating new processing platforms at PROCENTEC, followed by a Junior Software Engineer role. In 2013, they took on a M.Sc Student Researcher role at Erasmus MC, where they were responsible for the selection of the appropriate platform and the complete software development for two novel biomedical systems. In 2015, they worked as a Software Developer C/C++ at Lockheed Martin Commercial Flight Training, where they were part of the Embedded Real-Time Software Systems team. In 2016, they worked as a Software Engineer and Junior Software Engineer at Lely, where they were part of the Milk and Cooling Continuous Development team. Finally, in 2017, they worked as an Embedded systems engineer at Abel Sensors and currently works as an Embedded Engineer at Hiber.

Athanasios Karapatis obtained a Master's Degree in Computer Engineering from the Delft University of Technology from 2011 to 2015, and a Diploma in Computer and Communication Engineering from the University of Thessaly from 2004 to 2011.


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  • Embedded Engineer

    September, 2021 - present

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