Teo Bende

Facility Manager at Hyper Island

Teo Bende is the facility manager at Hyper Island. Teo has over thirteen years of experience in facility management and has been with Hyper Island for just over a year. Prior to Hyper Island, Teo worked for Target as a facility manager for thirteen years. In their previous role, they were responsible for maintenance and repair issues, ensuring reliability and availability of company assets, managing expenses and vendor performance, and executing all properties field projects and preventive maintenance within time. Teo also has experience in performing root cause analysis of problems and developing plans to prevent re-occurrence, as well as leading and modeling a safety/security culture focused on incident and injury prevention. In their current role, Teo is responsible for managing the facilities at Hyper Island, including the maintenance and upkeep of the buildings and grounds. Teo also provides training for new team members and oversees all safety and security protocols.

Teo Bende attended a technical school for electromechanical technology and received certification from HLR Proffsen in CPR/AED/First Aid, Target in HVAC/Refrigeration Training, and OSHA Compliance Help in Aerial and Forklift Training and Safety.

Their manager is Jarrod Howe, Global Director of Academic Affairs. They are on a team with Zainon Samsudin - Office Manager, Kathryn Percival - Operations Coordinator.


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