International Myeloma Foundation

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The International Myeloma Foundation is an American non-profit organization serving patients with myeloma, a cancer of plasma cells in the bone marrow.





Org chart

Yelak Biru
President & Chief Executive Officer

Yelak Biru

Joseph Mikhael
Chief Medical Officer
Brian G.m. Durie
Chairman, Chief Scientific Officer, & Professor of Medicine & Hematologist/Oncologist
Daniel Navid
SVP, Global Affairs
Diane Moran
SVP, Business Relationship Management
Mimi Choon-Quinones
SVP, Global Advocacy, Access, Policy & Research
Emma Hatcher
Global Vice President for Patient Engagement & Advocacy
Peter Anton
VP, Marketing
Robin Tuohy
VP, Support Groups
Sylvia Dsouza
VP, Development
Martine Elias
Executive Director, Myeloma Canada
Marya Kazakova
Senior Director, Editor-in-Chief of Publications
Annabel Reardon
Senior Director, Strategic Program Management
Susie Novis Durie
Founder & Director, Global Patient Initiatives
Selma Plascencia
Director, Operations
Sherrie Guerrero
Director, Human Resources
Danielle Doheny
Director, Public Policy & Advocacy
Serdar Erdoğan
Director, Global Myeloma Action Network & European & Middle Eastern Patient Programs
Nancy Bruno
Director, Support Groups
Betty Arevalo
Inventory Control Manager
Meghan O'Connor
Meeting & Project Manager, Content & Communications
Brittnay Brandon
Meeting Coordinator
Cecilia Romero
Project & Technology Manager, Support Groups
Lauren Gapinski
Administrative Assistant, Travel & Registration
Narmeen Shammami
Senior Research Project Coordinator