Transgender Law Center

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The Transgender Law Center is the largest American transgender-led civil rights organization in the United States.





Org chart

Kris Hayashi
Executive Director

Kris Hayashi

Billy Chen
Director, Finance and Operations
Sue Yacka-Bible
Director of Communications
Meera Vaidyanathan
Director of Development
Shelby Chestnut
Director of Policy and Programs
Cecilia Chung
Director of Evaluation and Strategic Initiatives
Lynly Egyes
Legal Director
Gia Cordova
Associate Director, Gender Justice Leadership Programs
Xoai Pham
Digital Program Manager
Khatchadour Khatchadourian
Senior Manager of Data and Equity
Shawn Meerkamper
Senior Staff Attorney
Dia Flood
Operations Coordinator
Micky Bradford
Senior National Organizer
Yozantli Lagunas Guerrero
Trans Youth Justice Organizer
Sebastian Margaret
Disability Project Fellow
Julieta Salgado
Bilingual Helpline Assistant
Mariah Moore
National Organizer
Emem Dupuis Maurus
Border Project Legal Coordinator and Supervising Attorney