Rachel Seidel

Operational Excellence Manager at Ionetix

Rachel Seidel has a strong background in manufacturing engineering and quality assurance, with experience at companies such as Ionetix, XG Sciences®, Centurion Medical Products, GE Healthcare, and General Motors. With a Master's degree in Manufacturing Engineering from Michigan State University, Rachel has held various roles such as Operational Excellence Manager, Director of Manufacturing, Supply Chain, & Quality, and Quality Assurance Manager. Rachel's expertise includes supplier quality engineering, production support engineering, and new product launch manufacturing engineering.


Previous companies

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  • Operational Excellence Manager

    July 1, 2023 - present

  • Senior Director Manufacturing & Supply Chain

    October, 2022

  • Director of Manufacturing, Supply Chain, & Quality

    August, 2021

  • Quality Assurance Manager

    January, 2020

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