Aber Whitcomb

Co-Founder & CTO at Jam City

Aber Whitcomb is co-founder and CTO of Jam City where he oversees the software architecture underlying the company’s global gaming and analytics platform.

Aber has spent the last several years introducing advanced machine intelligence to the Jam City gaming infrastructure, as well as automating and optimizing all aspects of the player experience.

Before Jam City, he was co-founder and CTO of MySpace, leading that social network’s technical operations as it grew from 0 to more than 120 million users.

Named one of the “Top 25 CTOs” by InfoWorld, he has managed some of the world’s largest data warehouses. Aber frequently speaks on the latest issues in large-scale computing, blockchain and AI.

Aber is an active investor in technology including companies like SpaceX, an advisory board member for several Blockchain projects, and a co-founder of I/O Ventures.

A graduate of the University of Washington who was born and raised in Bellingham, Aber spends his free time exploring machine learning, dabbling in astrophysics, and riding boards on snow, waves and wakes.


  • Co-Founder & CTO

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