Youri Hazanov

Chief Partnerships Officer & General Manager at Jellysmack

Youri Hazanov has a diverse work experience in various leadership roles. Youri is currently serving as the Chief Partnerships Officer and General Manager at Jellysmack, where they lead the global expansion and business development of the company. Youri is also responsible for managing the P&L, commercial activity, and revenue growth of Jellysmack's Media & IP business, as well as the YouTube business globally. Additionally, they lead content M&A efforts and has successfully acquired businesses like Law & Crime.

Prior to their current role, Youri held positions at Jellysmack as the Chief Business Officer and Head of International, where they played a key role in driving global expansion and managing the company's operations, teams, and financial performance across multiple regions.

Before joining Jellysmack, Youri worked at the International University of Monaco as an Adjunct Professor, teaching MSc and MBA courses in Digital Marketing and AI applications. Youri has also held significant leadership positions at Google and YouTube, where they launched, developed, and managed YouTube in various regions, including France, Central and Eastern Europe, Russia, Israel, and the Middle East. During their tenure, they successfully grew these markets in terms of revenue, user base, and engagement, while also leading business development, strategic partnerships, and content acquisition.

Earlier in their career, Youri served as the CEO of Hazan Films and held roles at Digital Luxury Group, The Israel Project, and worked as an independent consultant in strategic communication and PR, as well as in finance.

Overall, Youri Hazanov's work experience highlights their expertise in business development, partnerships, international expansion, and strategic leadership within the digital media and technology industry.

Youri Hazanov has a diverse education history. In 2017, they completed Executive Education in The Business of Entertainment, Media & Sports at Harvard Business School. Youri holds an MBA in Business Administration from the University of Geneva, which they attained between 2005 and 2007. Prior to that, they obtained a Master's degree in Information and Communication Systems from the same university, from 2004 to 2005. Youri'sundergraduate degree is a Bachelor's in International Relations, earned from the University of Geneva between 2001 and 2004.


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