Kessler & Co AG



Kessler ist das führende Schweizer Unternehmen für Risk Management, Versicherungsberatung und berufliche Vorsorge.

Co-Managing Partner
Co-Managing Partner
Yves Krismer
Head Services & Consumer Goods
Patrick Concannon
Head Finance and Accounting, Zurich
Natalie Kolb
Head Marketing & Communications, Zurich
Edwin Krebser
Head Partner Management, Zurich
Sandra Müller
Head Human Resources, Zurich
Manuela Rigutto
Head of Logistics, Zurich
Lisa Spaar
Head Operations & Risk Practices, Zurich
Andreas Stocker
Head of IT, Zurich
Sabine Wanner
Head of Legal & Compliance, Zurich
Simon Künzler
Head of Risk Consulting, Zurich
Christian Peters
Head of Special Risks, Zurich
Timo Salvisberg
Head Private Equity and M&A Practice, Zurich
Claudio Roa
Head of Accident and Health Insurance, Zurich
Pascal Praudisch
Head of Healthcare & Public Entities, Zurich
André Scheidt
Head of Chemie, Pharma & Life Science, Zurich
Fraser Alden
Head of Financial Services, Zurich
Katja Wodiunig
Head of Trade & Hospitality, Zurich
Sabrina Wicki Hiltebrand
Head of Pension Benefits, Zurich
Roy Hiltebrand
Head of Business Development, Basel
Peter Dürig
Head Regional Office, Bern
Werner Moser
Head Pension Benefits, Bern
Steve Von Gunten
Head of Business Unit Production & Manufacturing, Bern
Martin Widmer
Business Development, Bern
Lukas Rohrbach
Business Development, Bern
Cécile Baptiste
Head Regional Office, Geneva
Damien Pittet
Head of Logistics, Western Switzerland
Samuel Egger
Head Risk Practices, Western Switzerland
Natalie Koch
Head Kessler Benefits, Lausanne
Lionel Salomon
Business Development, Lausanne
Valérie Scilipoti
Head of Client Advisory, Western Switzerland
Sylvain Zuber
Head Business Unit Financial Services, Lausanne
Christophe Tribolet
Head Business Unit Healthcare & Public Entities, Lausanne
Patrick Martinez
Head Pension Benefits, Western Switzerland
Mélanie Coluccia
Head Business Unit Infrastructure & Energy, Lausanne
Thomas Koller
Head Business Unit Manufacturing & Life Science, Lausanne
René Albisser
Business Development, Lucerne
Alexandre Voisin
Head Regional Office, Neuchâtel
Eva Holenstein
Head Regional Office, St. Gallen
Frank Huttinger
Business Development, St. Gallen

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