Che Washington (312) (She/Her)

Interventions Specialist at Kingsman Academy Public Charter School

Wife. Warrior for Students.

School Counselor/Educator since 2014.


Washington, United States

Work style

How I prefer to work

Remote & Office


Mostly in a team

Qualities I value in my colleagues

  • Honesty
  • efficiency
  • creativity
  • team spirit
  • self-motivation

My communication style

  • Casual
  • open
  • polite
  • direct
  • genuine

My pet peeves

  • Selfishness
  • arrogance
  • inauthenticity
  • dishonesty
  • poor communication

Fun fact

Wife. Washingtonian. Warrior for Students. Dog Mom to Bentley.

Personal Q&A

  • What do people misunderstand about you?

    Some people think I'm mean because I can have a serious face but I am very nice person once you get to know me!


  • Interventions Specialist

    Current role

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