Komatsu is a manufacturer and sale of construction and mining equipment, utilities, forest machines, and industrial machinery. Komatsu America Corp. manufactures and markets a full line of integrated construction equipment from the smallest compact construction size to the largest mining size. Their... Read more





Org chart

Hiroyuki Ogawa
President, CEO & Representative Director

Hiroyuki Ogawa

Rodney Schrader
Chairman & CEO, Komatsu America Corp.
Yoshisada Takahashi
Chief Information & Innovation Officer
Jens Bengtsson
CEO, Komatsu Forest AB
Göksel Güner
COO, Komatsu Europe
Charoen Ruengwilai
President, Bangkok Komatsu Co.
David Bazzi
President & MD, Komatsu Italia Manufacturing
Tadashi Maeda
President and CEO, Komatsu Europe International N.V.
Kazuaki Miura
President, Japanese Domestic Marketing, Construction Equipment Marketing Division
Hiroaki Ohno
President, Defense Systems Division
Masami Naruse
President, Quality Assurance Division
Kosei Okamoto
President, Product Marketing Division
Toru Sunada
President, Service Division-Construction Equipment Solution
Hiroyuki Umeda
President, Komatsu Forest AB
Chikashi Shike
President, Smart Construction Promotion Division
Michael Blom
President & MD, Komatsu South Africa
Paul Blanchard
President & MD, Komatsu UK
Ralf Petzold
President and MD, Komatsu-Germany
John Fiedler
President, Hensley Industries, Inc.
John Koetz
EVP & COO, Komatsu Mining Corporation
Peter Salditt
Senior Executive Officer, Jomu
Ichiro Nakano
President, Hensley Industries, Inc.
Chunjiang Fei
Chairman, President & CEO, Komatsu China Ltd.
Korekiyo Yanagisawa
President, Construction Equipment Marketing Division
Ansgar Thole
President and MD, Komatsu Germany GmbH
Ingo Büscher
EVP and President, Construction Division, Komatsu Germany GmbH
Mikio Fujitsuka
EVP & Corporate Controlling
Nozomu Okamoto
EVP & COO, Komatsu Mining Corporation
Jeffrey Dawes
SVP & CEO, Komatsu Mining Corporation
Jun Taniguchi
VP, Development Division
Masaki Shinohara
Vice President, Development Division
Terumasa Imajo
Vice President, Development Division
Sean Taylor
Managing Director, Komatsu-Australia
Keiko Fujiwara
Senior Executive Officer, Jomu
Koichi Honda
GM, Human Resources Department
Kiyoshi Hishinuma
Executive Officer & GM, Business Coordination Department
Takayuki Furukoshi
Osaka Plant Manager, Production Division
Takashi Yasukawa
Awazu Plant Manager, Production Division
Takuya Imayoshi
Senior Executive Officer, Senmu
Yasuji Nishiura
Senior Executive Officer, Jomu
Hidefumi Obikane
Oyama Plant Manager, Production Division
Shinichi Araie
Executive Officer & Oyama Plant Manager, Production Division
Naoyuki Sakurai
Ibaraki Plant Manager, Production Division
Norihiko Tanigawa
Executive Officer & Osaka Plant Manager, Production Division
Seiichiro Harada
Executive Officer & Ibaraki Plant Manager, Production Division
Mitsuko Yokomoto
Senior Executive Officer, Jomu & Supervising Human Resources, Education & Sustainability
Osamu Kitajima
Executive Officer & Vice President, Development Division
Goro Senda
Executive Officer & President, Procurement Division, Production Division
Atsushi Awai
Executive Officer & Vice President, Japanese Domestic Marketing, Construction Equipment Marketing Division
Yoshie Ideura
Executive Officer & President, Sustainability Promotion Division
Mariko Matsumura
Attorney-at-Law, Shinwa Law
Mike Koesterer
VP North American Mining Sales And National Accounts
Gabriela Toro
Director, Strategy And Analytics
Russ Walker
Director, IT Business Operations And Vendor Management
Anthony V. Rizzo
Director, Aftermarket Contract Business - Products, Service And Solutions Division
Matthew Beinlich
Senior Director, Remanufacturing Business
Abe Riddle
General Manager, Parts Operations
Ryo Asahara
Executive Officer & President, Information Strategy Division
Shingo Hori
Executive Officer & VP, Mining Business Division
Junya Ankyu
Executive Officer & GM, Construction Equipment Business Planning & Controlling Department