Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

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Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, located in the San Francisco Bay Area, is a premier applied science laboratory that is part of the National Nuclear Security Administration within the Department of Energy.






Org chart

Kim Budil

Kim Budil

Sue Marlais
Chief Information Officer
Ashley Bahney
Acting Chief of Staff
Paul Ehlenbach
General Counsel
Steven Bohlen
Senior Director, Government & External Affairs
Breanna Bishop
Senior Director, Strategic Communications
Cliff Shang
Director, Office of Laboratory Infrastructure
Des Pilkington
Acting Director, Strategy & Planning
Carolyn Zerkle
Deputy Director
Bruce Hendrickson
Associate Director for Computation
Sandra Brereton
Associate Deputy Director
Michael J. Pivovaroff
Associate Deputy Director
Huban Gowadia
Principal Associate Director for Global Security
Cynthia Rivera
Principal Associate Director for Operations & Business
Anup Singh
Associate Director
Peter J. K. Wisoff
Principal Associate Director of NIF and Photon Science
Bradley Wallin
Principal Associate Director
Jeff Wisoff
Principal Associate Director, NIF & Photon Science
Glenn Fox
Associate director of the Physical & Life Sciences Directorate
Larry Durham
Associate Director
Bill Stern
Benjy Grover
Transformation Officer