Peter C. Hsueh

Partner at Lewis Roca Rothgerber Christie LLP

Clients value Peter Hsueh’s broad experience in preparing and prosecuting high technology patent and trademark applications, primarily in chemical, materials, and electrical arts. Peter is also a member of the firm’s Inter Partes Review (IPR) team—a trial proceeding conducted at the Patent Trial and Appeal Board to review patentability of one or more claims of a patent.

Peter has particular technical expertise in the fields of energy and power systems, including batteries, battery management systems, automobile power systems, fuel cells, display devices, OLEDs, LCDs, analog and digital electronics, semiconductor devices, and telecommunications. He also has experience in lithium battery technologies, including electrical, structure, and materials of lithium battery technologies.

Additionally, Peter has participated in a number of patent and trade secret litigations involving complex technologies. He was formerly a judicial extern to the Honorable Judge Robert Takasugi, U.S. District Court for the Central District of California.

As a highly experienced patent prosecutor with a background and education in engineering, Peter knows the language. Peter’s clients appreciate his technical knowledge and trust his multidisciplinary background to counsel, protect, and advance their business goals. He is submerged in the technology and truly comprehends inventions and can comfortably navigate a technical conversation as well as solve legal issues. He enjoys learning new technologies and meeting the innovators behind them.

Peter’s interest in engineering and law was inspired by his father and grandfather. His father was a petrochemical engineer and his grandfather was a lawyer. Peter was born in Taiwan, grew up in Texas, and moved to California, where he attended high school and later began his career in engineering.



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