Linus Media Group


Linus Media Group is a full service production agency with decades of collective experience in web video and social media and influencer marketing.





Org chart

Terren Tong

James Strieb
Head of Writing
Gary Key
Head of Labs
Bridget Bergman
Design Manager
Edzel Yago
Production Manager
Colton Potter
Business Development Manager
Josh Belegris
Procurement Manager
Geoff Gutierrez
Sales Supervisor
Shawn Caldera
Marketing Lead
James Scott
Account Lead
Steve Chan
Affiliate & Sales Lead
Chase Douglas
Event Coordinator
Dylan Hurley
Product Coordinator
Steven Chew
Community Coordinator
Elijah Horner
Junior Writer
Curtis Li
Talent & Culture Coordinator
Jake Bellavance
ShortCircuit Producer
Sammy Yoo
Social Media Coordinator
Glenn Somera
Video Editor & Camera Operator
Andy Zhang
Grip & Camera Operator
Conor Rempel
Editor & Camera Operator
Vance Ng
Executive Assistant
Brandon Dickerson
Testing Architect
Lisa Hawthorne
Senior Designer
Lloyd Pan
Product Designer
Robert Lau
Product Designer
Sebastien Sauve-Hoover
Product Designer
Nikolas Harris
Software Architect
Jessie Cen
ML & Computer Vision Engineer
Nate Martin
Electrical Engineering Designer
Tatjana Devic
Product Developer, Raw Materials
Thomas Sroga
Electrical Engineering Designer
Shawn Hartford
Infrastructure Administrator
Lucas Nieuwenhout
Junior Electrical Engineering Designer
Gary Hopkins
Graphic Designer
Jon Doiron
Test Technician
Colin De Graaf
Production Assistant
Whitney Shing