Edy Almer

Director Of Product Management at LogPoint

Edy Almer has a diverse work experience spanning over two decades. Edy currently holds a role as the Director of Product Management at Logpoint. Prior to this, they worked as a Product Manager at the same company.

Before joining Logpoint, Edy served as the CMO/CPO at Product & Marketing Technology Consulting. Edy also held the position of VP Product at Cyberbit and AlgoSec, contributing to the development and management of product strategies. Furthermore, Edy worked as the VP Marketing & BD at Wave Systems and Safend, where they played a critical role in the acquisition of Safend by Wave Systems.

Their career began at Symantec, where they gained experience in Product Management. Edy also served as a Director of Product Management at M-Systems and Head of 3G Services at Orange, where they were responsible for implementing innovative solutions and building ecosystems.

In 2000, Edy served as the CTO at PFC. Their work experience demonstrates a proven track record of leadership and success in various roles within the technology and cybersecurity industries.

Edy Almer completed a BSC degree in Electrical Engineering from Technion - Israel Institute of Technology from 1988 to 1992. Later, from 1996 to 2001, they pursued an MBA in Technology Management from Tel Aviv University.


Previous companies

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  • Director Of Product Management

    April, 2023 - present

  • Product Manager

    April, 2022