Nazar Litvin

Engineering Team Lead at Loio

Nazar Litvin has a diverse work experience in the software engineering field. Nazar is currently working as an Engineering Team Lead at Loio, where they contribute to the development of AI-powered software for efficient contract review and drafting. Nazar leads a motivated team of product managers, marketing specialists, and engineers.

Prior to their current role, Nazar worked at Nobilitix, initially as a Software Engineer and later as an Engineering Team Lead. During their time there, they helped clients solve business problems by writing efficient software, focusing on web and mobile app development. Nazar also played a vital role in the development of the company's CRM/ERP product. Along with their technical responsibilities, Nazar communicated with clients, interviewed software developers, mentored team members, and conducted code reviews.

Before joining Nobilitix, Nazar served as a Senior Software Engineer at INSCALE, where they worked on a client-side chat application that catered to companies requiring secure and compliant communication channels. Nazar extensively worked on optimizing the rendering of the application and utilized technologies like WebSockets and Server Sent Events.

Nazar also gained valuable experience during their tenure at Luxoft, where they worked as a Senior Software Engineer. Nazar contributed to the development of a desktop client for cloud data storage, used by one of the world's largest data storage companies. This project involved multiple applications and technologies such as Electron, C#, and WPF.

Furthermore, Nazar began their career as a Software Engineer at both Nobilitix, where they worked on various projects, and SmileExpo, where they focused on software development.

Throughout their career, Nazar has exhibited expertise in software engineering, architecture, coding, and problem-solving. Nazar has actively collaborated with clients, managed conflicts, and provided mentorship to fellow team members. Their experience spans a wide range of technologies and industries, showcasing their adaptability and proficiency in delivering high-quality software solutions.

Nazar Litvin attained their Bachelor's degree in Philosophy from Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, completing their education from 2009 to 2013.


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  • Engineering Team Lead

    January, 2021 - present

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