Louis Dreyfus

Louis Dreyfus Company BV is a global merchant firm that is involved in agriculture, food processing, international shipping, and finance.



Private Equity




Org chart

Juan José Blanchard
COO, Head, Juice Platform & Head, Latin America
Miguel Catella
Head, Global Markets
Joe Nicosia
Head, Cotton Platform
Murilo Parada
Head Juice Platform & Head, North Latin America Region
André Roth
Head, Grains and Oilseeds & Chairman, North Latin America Region
Anthony Tancredi
Trading Operations Officer
Jessica Teo
Global Head, HR
James Zhou
Head, North Asia Region
Enrico Biancheri
Head, Sugar Platform
Tim Bourgois
Global Trading Manager, Cotton Platform
Guy De Montulé
Head, Rice Platform
Thomas Couteaudier
Head, South & Southeast Asia Region
Tim Harry
Global Head, Business Development
Jean-Marc Foucher
Executive Chairman of the Board of Ilomar Holding
Sebastien Landerretche
Head, Freight Platform
Ben Clarkson
Head, Coffee Platform
Kristen Eshak Weldon
Head of Food Innovation & Downstream Strategy